boom. Franchises
Nov 12, 2018

boom. Franchises

Launch Yourself into A New and Lucrative Career with A boom. Balustrade Franchise

Ever thought of owning your own business, but stuck for ideas? We could launch you into a lucrative career. The balustrade business is booming and you can invest in a balustrade franchise with a top brand to ensure that you demand the attention and respect of the market. If you are looking for a reputable franchise brand to invest in, boom. fits the bill.

boom. is a barrier-system supplier with an excellent reputation in South Africa. In addition to designing and manufacturing a range of balustrades, we offer a variety of services, including professional installation, project management, research and development, end-to-end solutions, provision of Revit drawings and schedules for architects and draughtsmen, training and accreditation, compliance and certification, and the maintenance of barrier systems.

Types of Balustrade Franchises

With a boom. balustrade franchise, you can get right to work, selling products and earning your share of the income. We have several balustrade franchise options. You can opt to have a full boom. store (“maxi”) that offers the full range of services or a “mini” store with limited services as a bolt-on to another franchise. We also offer our clients the option to invest in “test & measure” outlets or “project manage & measure” franchises where the services relating to barrier systems are more specialised and limited. Regardless of which franchise type you invest in, your earning potential is huge. The management fee is just 5% and marketing fees just 2% of the turnover. These are considered extremely attractive rates in the franchise industry.

Applying to be a boom. franchisee is simple. Complete a basic application form and once we have received your application, one of our friendly consultants will meet with you to discuss the details of owning and running a boom. franchise. You can then take some time to get in touch with our existing franchisees and hear more about the running of a boom. franchise to see if it is the business for you. If you like what you see and hear, we can come to an agreement and get to work with the acquisition of assets, creating a business plan, recruiting staff, and building up your stock. Soon, you will be ready to open your doors to the public!

The Main Task of Balustrade Franchise Owners

While attractive balustrades improve buildings’ appearance, they are designed to be safety barriers, which means that quality and safety regulations and applicable industry standards must be met when incorporating balustrades in a project. Because of this, building permissions must be acquired and the balustrades must meet all building codes before a project can begin. Your task will be to ensure that your clients receive their building permission (certification) and that the correct balustrades are supplied and professionally installed according to the relevant regulations. Does it sound like just the type of business for you? Then let us get you set up with a boom. franchise.

Apply to Become a Franchisee Today

If you would like to learn more about owning a boom. balustrade franchise, we welcome you to get in touch with us. Simply give us a call or send us an email for more information.